Hello, I’m Corwyn Kalenda, a game and systems designer living in San Jose, California. My primary areas of interest are in game balance, economic systems, and ‘living world’ systems, though many other areas also occupy my attention. Most of my work these days is done in Unity, though in the past I’ve worked in a lot of other engines and frameworks, such as Unreal, XNA, Torque, and Source.

I’ve had a long history with games, growing up with them through the 80s and 90s and beyond, went to school for programming and then rediscovered an obsession with game art during a period where I spent much of my time working on game mods. This caused me to head back to school to pursue game art, and eventually settled into game design during grad school. Ultimately, I make games because I can’t stop doing it– even if I were working on some other industry I’m sure I’d have to make them in my spare time.

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