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Update: I Can Haz Thesis Work

So, it’s been a while since I last posted, and that’s largely due to school starting back up and immediately being a terribly busy quarter. The first two weeks of both my classes were hectic endurance trials involving smashing through … Continue reading

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Post-Mortem: Winter Quarter 2010

What? A post-mortem on an academic quarter? How strangely game-designer-y! Indeed. But as Winter wrapped up last Thursday, I started to feel like I should talk about how it went and what I learned. So here we are, with my … Continue reading

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What We’re Playing: Robot Unicorn Attack

When someone in SCAD Atlanta’s ITGM (that’s Interactive Design and Game Development) department comes up to me and says “I have a game you need to play”, I sit up and take notice. When the whole department is playing a … Continue reading

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