Designing Nucleus: Title Screen Part Deux

Short one today, because there isn’t much to say, but it’s just enough to be worth writing about. I took another pass at the title screen last night—mostly just changing out the buttons for new ones and a couple of minor typographical tweaks.NucTitle02

The big deal here is I’m now using standard Phone 7 icons for all the buttons, to be consistent with the rest of the platform (which is one of my UI goals anyhow). This was helped along greatly by Microsoft’s release of Design Templates for Windows Phone 7 which contains nice, clean layered Photoshop files with all of the assorted UI elements and helpful notes and guidelines. Including all the standard UI icons for play, pause, settings, help, sync, and so on on their own transparent layer.

So it was both trivial and a basically good idea to replace my placeholders with a set of the standard icons. This probably isn’t the last change I’ll make, but it has made the project feel more consistent with the remainder of the phone.

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