Other Forms of Progress: FBD on GDB


So, this is more of a point of personal progress, but worth mentioning anyway, largely because it offers me a chance to publicize someone else’s bright idea while patting myself on the back and feeling generally good about this whole blogging undertaking.

Fun By Design and my more-or-less-coherent ramblings here have appeared on GameDevBlogs, a directory of developer blog sites highlighting those unsung heroes of the industry—that is, the developers that have blogs worth reading about that you’ve never heard of because they’re not people like Miyamoto, Molyneaux, Meier, Romero, et al. In short, it’s a list of blogs written by folks down in the trenches who have interesting things to say but most people have never really heard of.

On the whole, it’s a great idea and I’ve already found some useful things by randomly chasing links there in my free time. I’m also personally pleased to be on the list (under Designers), because while I know the guy running the site has read this blog before, it still feels like something of a landmark in my nascent career to be validated in such a fashion, especially since I didn’t submit myself.

Sometimes it’s just little things that keep you working. Speaking of, I have a project update to write, I believe.

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