Every Rebel Needs a Cause


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  1. Syd K. says:

    One of my earliest memories is of the morning where my parents and I piled into the Chevy to go and buy my NES, along with the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt dual-cartridge. I still remember playing things like the Legend of Zelda and Rush ‘n Attack by myself or with my friends, and my Uncle Richard in particular loved to watch me play the WWF game that had Andre the Giant and the Big Boss Man on the cover – watching professional wrestling together was our Big Thing.

    One of my fondest memories is one of the countless occasions where my big brother – and by “big,”, I mean “thirteen years older than me,” and by “brother,” I mean “we share a mother but not a father” – would come up to my room and ask if I wanted to play a basketball game with him. Then we’d spend hours with the Genesis, Coach K’s College B (or NBA Jam, or NBA Live (YEAR), or whatever, but Coach K’s was my favorite for the character animation and the breakable backboards), and each other.

    Blood made us related, but games were a huge part of what made us family.

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