The Art History of Games and other stuff eating my face

So I haven’t been nearly as prolific here as I wanted to be, but at least there’s good reason for it, and I’ve been keeping a to-do list to get to as I go. The major reason has been grad school, by nature, gives you barely enough time just for grad school. Anything else nears the impossible to squeeze in.

That said, I’ve squeezed in, with a lot of effort, the Art History of Games symposium ( this weekend, and I’m glad I made the effort. Syd has had the chance to blog more about it already, but I’m going to try to talk more about it once I’m not in the middle of it. Some stuff in brief, though:

John Romero’s keynote was amazing, start to finish. Talking to him has been even better, and I hope to get the chance to talk to him a little more. Generally talking and listening to people has also been just fantastic. Putting heads together with some of my fellow SCAD students during the thing has likewise been useful, since we get to compare notes and underline things that stuck out to us and generally synthesize our intake. Good stuff.

I find myself wanting to revise the essay I wrote for Art History on Clement Greenberg and games. I think it’s topical; I wish I could give a talk about it. I’m hoping I can find a part of the open-discourse portion of this thing to bring it up.

There’s so much more. But, it’s time to get on the road for Day Two, so that’ll have to do.

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