Fresh Starts and Thoughts

So, it’s about time I get back into blogging. It’s become a more important facet of a game designer’s portfolio, etcetera and suchlike. I used to keep one, while I was doing a lot of game modding, but that went under when I couldn’t afford my hosting anymore. In any case, we carry on anew.

I’m presently a graduate student at SCAD Atlanta, studying for an MFA in Interactive Design and Game Development. My area of focus tends towards level design and game/systems design. Most of this blog will focus on those sorts of topics. There may occasionally be some personal notes, but I intend to keep the bulk professionally-oriented. Still, hopefully it will all be interesting to some people to some degree.

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3 Responses to Fresh Starts and Thoughts

  1. An says:

    Dude. Good to see you alive & kicking on the web. (Not that I should talk.). Blogging anew us my NYs resolution so maybe we’ll see more of each other.

    • Classwork was… amazingly insane last term, and as usual when that sort of thing happens, I hyper-focus on the tasks at hand and vanish. I have a feeling that a lot of my vacation-sluggishness was recuperation, even though I’d planned to only take up like a week with that sort of thing.

      • callmesyd says:

        I probably could have stood to nag you more about the work you’d intended to do over the break, but maaaaaan, I hadn’t seen you that chill and happy in months.

        My heart is too squishy. I will work on it.

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