Space Chase

Working title for a short prototype to evaluate gameplay. Game concept is a top-down, physics-based space flight game where the player has no weapons, and must survive as long as possible by avoiding enemy shots and (eventually) turning those weapons on their owners. Current prototype represents about a full day of work, and a WebGL build is playable here.

Time and Terp

Unity asset providing timing and interpolation functionality for use in scripts. Focused on being lightweight and flexible, with a minimum of upkeep necessary to perform the offered functions. Documentation can be found here.

Bezier Curves

An unreleased Unity asset for implementing spline-based paths. Includes a script for custom in-editor editing of splines using viewport handles, and a ‘spline-walker’ script that moves an object along the curves at a specified speed.


A replacement for Unity’s built-in TrailRenderer component which provides similar functionality, Afterburner creates camera-facing polygonal lines suitable for effects such as starship engine exhaust trails. Afterburner is designed to do this with a minimum of draw calls to facilitate large numbers of trails simultaneously. Can be seen in action in the Space Chase and Bezier Curves projects above.

Raster Road

A quick project exploring classic techniques for rendering roads in racing games. In particular, this uses Unity’s 3D capabilities to simulate the polygon-fill method used on the SEGA Genesis for Road Rash.

Nucleus: A Game for Windows Phone 7

Nucleus is a puzzle game for Windows Phone 7 devices which attempts to put an interesting spin on the common Match-3 gameplay style. Players match the RGB color components of falling orbs(IE: any one of the red, green, or blue color values must match) across the three rings of the catcher lattice in the center of the screen. Each eliminated orb earns points, with increasing points payouts for larger eliminations. The game ends when the catcher is full and no elimination is possible.


TouchWar examines re-evolving the RTS genre from tabletop gaming roots into the digital space using a touchscreen interface in place of the traditional mouse and keyboard. The chief area of inquiry for the project is how use of these technologies changes both the design constraints and how it affects the player experience. It is important to note that TouchWar does not seek to be a definitive answer to this question so much as a first step of evolution.

The Journey: A Storytelling Card Game

The Journey is a non-digital card game about telling stories. Based on the work of Joseph Campbell in The Hero With a Thousand Faces, players take on the roles of the forces of good and evil in a classic Hero’s Journey.


Steel Skies: A Run-and-Jump Platformer

Steel Skies is a game that is proof of concept for a rooftop running/platforming game. Taking cues from Canabalt, the player must jump and slide a running figure through obstacles littered across the rooftops of a cityscape.


Trade Routes: An Economic Trading Board Game

TradeRoutesBoardTrade Routes is an economic board game in which players take the roles of traveling merchants going from city to city buying and selling goods. Each location has goods that are in supply or in demand, and the goal is to buy goods that are in supply and maximize profits by selling them in a location where they are in demand before another player is able to do so. Each location has two choices of routes to the next; a direct route, and a safer, but somewhat longer route. Players must make smart decisions and tradeoffs to succeed.

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