TouchWar is an experimental game project that was explored as a possibility for my MFA thesis. It examines re-evolving the RTS genre from tabletop gaming roots into the digital space using a touchscreen interface in place of the traditional mouse and keyboard. The chief area of inquiry for the project is how use of these technologies changes both the design constraints and how it affects the player experience. It is important to note that TouchWar does not seek to be a definitive answer to this question so much as a first step of evolution.

TouchWar is played on a multi-touch panel placed flat on a table between two seated players. It is an objective-based wargame in which the players build fleets out of a reserve of points and then vie for dominance across space-borne battlefields.

TouchWar has been developed using XNA and Windows 7 Touch APIs, and due to the expensive required hardware, is not available for download currently.

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