More XNA/WP7 Performance Stuff: Yes, More of that Mess

nucRings Yep, more little fiddly coding bits today. I

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Cross Dot Input… Wait what?


Shamelessly ganked from Wikipedia's cross product article.

Another little snippet of wisdom from adventures in WP7 and XNA. Today it

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Stacks of Heaping Garbage Everywhere


ah'm in ur heap, killin' ur performance

Ah, garbage collection. One of the high (and also low, low, low) points in favor of/against managed solutions like C#/XNA. High, because it frees you from having to lose sleep at night over your pointers and allocation and memory leaks you don

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A Designer

XNACodeScreenSo, what have we here? A new pair of category tags, it appears.

In something of a mild departure from my usual design-oriented ramblings, I

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Death of the Author and Games that Aren

RolandBarthes Today

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Best-laid Plans of Designers

The Designer At Work

A Rough Approximation of How I Felt on Wednesday

Unsurprisingly, even for a relatively relaxed quarter, this one has been pretty intensive, making it difficult to post as frequently as I would like. So today shall make do with a quick post about my most recent unforeseen enormous mistake and what

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The Levels, They are a-Changin


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Press X to Read This Blog: On Quick Time Events


The QTE Controller. Image from

I will be honest at the outset. I pretty much despise Quick Time Events (QTEs) in games. Unlike many who share this dislike, I don

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Post-Mortem: Winter Quarter 2010

What? A post-mortem on an academic quarter? How strangely game-designer-y!

Indeed. But as Winter wrapped up last Thursday, I started to feel like I should talk about how it went and what I learned. So here we are, with my first academic post-mortem.

Conclusions in Brief, or TL;DR

There are two overriding lessons this quarter:

Lesson 1: Don

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What We

When someone in SCAD Atlanta

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