The Dawn of 2011

90282So, after talking about 2010 the other day, I feel a short post on how that has given way to 2011 is in order.

I spent the several hours that frame either side of the 2010/2011 changeover getting a key portion of TouchWar’s editor hammered out, to a lovely bit of success. Perhaps I’ll post the details later, as they’re not important now. More topical and interesting are the reasons I worked through the New Year instead of attending one of the myriad celebrations or simply kicking back and relaxing.

In a lot of ways, it was a celebration of the triumphs of 2010 and the promises of 2011. I noted earlier that one of the defining characteristics of 2010 for me was the amount of productivity that occurred for me during the year, a momentum I plan to keep for 2011. Hammering on code issues from 6pm to 3am or so last night was somewhat symbolic, for humans as a whole are very symbolic creatures and I respond as well to that as anyone, I suppose. So to my mind, crossing a major item off my list is a fitting way to cap off 2010’s success story and at the same time cement that momentum in the first hours of 2011.

Of course, there’s also a much simpler set of motivations at the same time. Syd was happily Netflixing at the time, and I take quite a bit of joy from the code and design work I’ve been doing lately. Toss in on top of this the reason neither of us were interested in going out—New Year’s Eve is very nearly a dangerous holiday to observe in this area. People around here don’t drive that well while sober, and drunk driving around the typical drinking holidays is common. This town also has the charming habits of selling and lighting firecrackers and bottle rockets and things in the neighborhoods, and sometimes some drunk slob fires a gun into the air. Since I can count the number of people I can stand to be around when there’s alcohol involved without removing my shoes and all these sorts of hazards are scattered around, I just didn’t feel compelled to find some more traditional way to ring it in.

But then again, I also feel like it was a more meaningful observance than I can remember ever having, so take it all as you will.

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